Brenton Featured In Who’s Magazine Most Beautiful People 2015

Brenton was featured as one of the many celebrities in Who’s Magazine’s Most Beautiful People 2015. 1 beautiful scan from the issue has been added to the gallery and can be viewed full size by clicking below.


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First “Ride” Stills

The first 2 stills of Brenton from Ride has been released. They have been added to the gallery and can be viewed in the gallery below!

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HiLuxury Interview: Drama King

“If it has to do with something that I’ve done; a movie that I’ve made, I don’t mind [all the questions]. But when it starts being about other things [i.e., that silly Taylor Swift rumor], then it gets a little funny…” says actor Brenton Thwaites.

Probing paparazzi aside, the 25-year-old Aussie has been getting blockbuster attention as of late. If you missed him in “The Giver” last year, there’s more to come. Thwaites has been hard at work the last few years, filming several movies back-to-back with the likes of Ewan McGregor, Helen Hunt and Gerard Butler—films which will make their big-screen debuts soon enough. Just to underscore the lightning-fast pace of his career thus far, he was in Honolulu last fall to receive EuroCinema Hawaiʻi’s Rising Star Award. And as of press time, he just snagged a major role in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”—the power franchise’s fifth installment.

Thwaites has been dealing with the attention like a seasoned pro: “I enjoy supporting my movies when they come out and helping them along the way,” he says. With a wry smile he adds, “However, I wouldn’t do it on my days off.”


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“Ride” Official Trailer

The official trailer for Ride has been released! View it below.

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“Ride” Poster

A poster for Brenton’s movie Ride has been released. View it below.


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